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An artist may differ from style, genre, theme, and even medium preference; with abundant of choices enthusiasts have, it is important for them to decide what told and medium would fit their preference and would work well with their visions.

Most of the artists stay away from using watercolor as their medium, most consider it to be the hardest to control amongst the others. Though it might really be the hardest medium to master, it is easy and economical especially for those who are just starting their paths to fine arts.


Imagine, Plot, Highlight

Using watercolor is a little bit tricky, it is best that you paint from light to dark and leaving the spaces as your lightest shade. Since it would need shading, blending, and layering, it would be best if you plan your plots ahead of time. Imagine how you wanted your image to look like, where the light shades go and how would you layer it; using a watercolor needs thorough planning of layering and shading. In terms of defining edges, you could use tapes or rubbery materials to cover the areas that you wanted to leave white.

watercolor art flower


Know The Wheel

If you don’t want to have abundant brown hues on your painting, you should avoid over mixing your colors. It is important as an artist to know your color wheel and color mixing, and let go of the idea that 4 basic colors would be enough to give you all the colors you could imagine. If you want to play mix and matching, do it on a separate sheet and practice your color blending, don’t just mix and mix your colors without testing it first.


Have an Ample Amount of Water

Watercolor starters would often choose a small amount of water beside them for cleaning the brushes between color paintings, only to find out that their water easily turns into a dark could and may affect the color payoff of your next color. The best way to keep your colors pure is to provide an amount of water that would stay clean longer in order to clean your brushes well despite the color changes. Watercolor pros advise using two water containers to ensure good color payoffs, one for cleaning the brush and another to wet the brush before applying it to the next color.

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Stop Mimicking

Appreciate the subtleness and ability of watercolor; don’t mimic acrylic or oil paints. The advantage of watercolor is its capability of luminance and transparent quality hues, don’t overwork it. Watercolor payoffs are different from those given by the other mediums, it is best that you use this medium accordingly. Watercolor painting allows the light to travel layers of paint and reflect the blank or white part of the paper. If you want more control of the color or for darker hues, use less water on your brush, if you want something subtle yet striking, use more water; find the combination that would suit you without pretending to be working on an oil canvas with the use of your watercolor.

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