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We all have our artistic minds working every minute, by just looking at a simple scenario your mind captures an image that will photographically stay for a couple of minutes. It’s amazing on how our minds could paint scenes and objects. Being artistic is innate and painting what you have seen or experienced is what makes it more aesthetic.

Thus, remembering a certain image on the back of our minds or actually experience it may lead us to remember a specific scenario. There may be numbers of objects, places, events or people that we encounter each day and all of these things and person can be considered as subjects in a painting. For us to better understand painting and its qualifications, discussed below are the types of painting.


Types of Painting

Painting a Portrait

In this kind of painting the subject is derived from the image of a person or animal; it may also include the mood or emotions on the subject or in a form portrait of a person. Artists are hired to do paintings of famous people such as celebrities, royal people and may also include family portraits and in return being paid for their talent; others do it out of admiration to the subject or person submitting its ability to produce art without expecting something in return.

This type of art is commonly given as gifts or token to friends.


Landscape Painting

A landscape painting focuses more on the beauty of nature; it creates an image from its subject such as a landscape, waterfalls, lakes, and seas that is why landscape painting is commonly used by the artist and often use as the concept for art exhibits. These are paintings that are commonly used as decorations at home, offices or business establishments.

wall nature art

Still Life Painting

Using this type of painting reveals the skill of an artist to blend colors to form a visual art showing a close portrait of an actual shadow or lighting of the subject. It may also use foods, instruments, architectural structures, furniture or other objects as its subject; the main point of this type of painting is how the artist could create an identical image of the subject with the right shading creating a near realistic image.


Religious Painting

This type of painting is commonly seen on churches or any religious places; sometimes seen in art galleries, portraying religious images such as Christ, Angels, Saints, and other religious icons.  Enthusiasts of these masterpieces are usually collectors of religious images or people who are religiously attached.

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Real Life Paintings

These paintings are scenes that are captured from real life events such as the scene in the market, busy streets of the town, celebrations, and gatherings, children playing in the park, proposals, family dinner or parties. Real life paintings are portraits of real-life events, and this type of painting only took place where life is embraced and experienced.

Most of its subjects are events that may convey either sadness or happiness, real-life painting does not just put limits to its ability it is like a watching a scene on canvas.

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