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Pachinko: More Revenues than Las Vegas

Just like the lottery, more people are hopeful that one day they can hit it and disappear in this world, live in luxury, enjoy the money, or buy everything else they wanted and the likes. Each year, Japanese spends $200 billion on vertical pinball-like slot machines called pachinko – free casino games online. I would say that’s 30 times more than the gambling revenue of Las Vegas or double Japan’s export car industry, and more than New Zealand’s entire GDP.


There are a lot of pachinko parlors around Japan that is very enticing for players due to it’s colorful and flashing machines, who can possibly resist? The goal is just to drop as many silver ball bearings as possible into a middle scoring hole by just turning a single wheel that controls how the balls shoot into the machine, before bouncing down pins that the house regularly reconfigures to ensure it always comes out on top. Then, you’ll get a prize in a form of a chip or disc and by converting it into cash, that simple. You don’t need any skill to win at a slot machine, just pure luck pulling off the lever but pachinko is different. It requires skill and technique to turn the handle to aim and control the shots.


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This cash exchange was once controlled by Japan’s mafia, the yakuza, but is now can be played in many places. People who don’t have any jobs turned themselves into this game and became a place of employment for them as well. Then, eventually, people will fall to this game as an addiction that even people who have decent jobs would spend their own earnings until nothing is left. I remembered my auntie who was very angry to my Japanese uncle, who happened to be a yakuza and a government employee but lost everything because of that addiction and contributed to the destruction of their family, unfortunately.


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Gambling is illegal in Japan, but this one is an exception and treated like an amusement activity. So, if you wanted to have a good past time and somehow be rewarded by any items or even tokens to be exchanged in the form of money, this could be your one way of saying that gambling is not gambling.

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5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Want to Win the Lottery

People nowadays are thinking that having a large amount of money would be the answer to every problem that they encounter. Well, in fact most people will do everything just to be wealthy in an instant and by doing so, they will also daydream of having to win a lottery or even turn themselves into gambling. By the way, lottery in the UK is also considered a form of gambling, like online free slots.


Money is the root of all evil, I say. But money is also essential to our daily lives as well. So, why do we want to get easy money, like winning the lottery, and invest so much on it? Is it because we want to travel? Do we want to sustain our lives? Or just to show off?


There is one song, I am pretty sure that you know this that goes: “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it all and then some you don’t want” sounds familiar? Well, let me give my 5 reasons to show you what does that mean if you win the lottery.


Your friends and families will take advantage. Everyone will envy you. If it happens that you get the winning ticket and cash it out, people will look after you. Mind you, criminals are everywhere and even relatives or loved ones can unleash their demon side when money is present.


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Stressful life, you will have a bigger problem. So, after having a big chunk of money in you, it will begin to give you so many problems as well. For example, you will buy an expensive car because before you are just commuting going to work, and that’s the only problem but now fuel, insurance, maintenance will be your problem as well.


You will lose loved ones. Of course, after winning, some of your long lost relatives or even friends that don’t care about you before will be now your followers. Why? To gain something from you. Then, you will tend to show off or take revenge on them. So, you will place a lot of time to them and forgetting the ones who truly care for you.


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Risk of bankruptcy. Now that you have money, you’ll be thinking that you need to go with the flow like every wealthy man is doing. Buying lots of stuff, spending money, showing off. Best would be, you have to maintain and sustain those kinds of luxuries and then eventually lose your money. Easy to get, easy to lose.


Lastly, you will lose yourself. What happens if you get tired of having this enormous amount of money in you? Or one day you will ask yourself, am I happy? Then, you will have a review of your past life and compare it to the time that you are burning yourself while having that luxurious life. In the end, you will agree that living a simple life or even a hard-fought life would be the best. And so, you will choose to start all over again. Nothing gained, but you lost everything.

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5 Reasons Why UK Teens Are Addicted To Gambling

Today’s generation is curious. Teenagers always desire to have a taste of what’s new and what’s in. At times, they do not anymore care if it is good for their health and if it’s appropriate for their age. They just want to have fun and enjoy. Teenage slots online gambling is already an issue that needs to be attended to. Finding the root cause of this might be a great help.


Listed below are 5 reasons on why teenagers are addicted to gambling:


#1 Gambling is everywhere.

Exposure to the gambling industry might be the reason why this problem has arisen. Teenagers see casinos, betting sites, and lottery outlets in every corner of the streets. TV ads, billboards, together with the attractive banners from gambling sites hook their interests. These entice them to have the idea of trying this fad.


#2 Teens are influenced by their parents or their significant others at home.

The home is always the first place where the character of the child is formed. Now, if parents engage themselves into things like gambling, it is expected that the children will most likely engage themselves to it. Gambling parents will tend to have gambling children.


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#3 Some business owners violate the gambling regulations.

The legal age for a child to enter a gambling site is 18 years of age. But in reality, there are these law violators who allow teens below the legal age to enter their premises. They do not care for the well-being of the young generation rather they are only after the profit that they can get from them.

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#4 Online gambling is available to all ages.

Once a teen gets hold of his/her gadget, you would never know where s/he’ll be going. Teenagers tend to explore sites which interest them. Gambling might be one of their choices of interest. And this is where the problem lies. With few clicks, they are already betting online.


#5 The mindset of gambling is influencing them.

Society’s mindset on gambling says ‘Gambling is OK. It’s just for fun and leisure’. This mindset is absorbed by the teenagers of today. So eventually, they also get themselves engaged into it. The state must be very careful in passing regulations on gambling. The terms that are incorporated in the laws might be affecting not just the generation of today but the future generation as well.

The teenagers of today hold the future. The kind of persons they will be lies on the hands of those who are around them. Everybody should be vigilant as to what is happening to them in order to save not just the future of one but the future of many.

Gambling is not yet for their age. Adults should give the proper guidance in order to save these young ones to gambling addiction.

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5 Reasons Why Slot Machine Is The Friendliest Gambling Game of All

Once in our lives, we have been in front of a slot machine making our bets. The most common slots to us are the ones found in amusement parks and there are those found in large casinos as well. This gambling game appeals to the senses of players from all ages. Its popularity and appeal contribute to the reason why it is the friendliest casino game of all. Even online casino real money no deposit slots are trending! Listed below are the 5 reasons why slots are the friendliest game of all.


#1 Slots are user-friendly.

Slot machines do not require user manual. Simple instructions are just posted on panels. The player simply needs to follow these instructions in order to manipulate the slot. If you will be giving instructions to a friend as to how slots are played, it’s no sweat. There are only one to three steps involved and there you have it! He can already place his bet.


#2 Slots are child-friendly.

As mentioned, slots can also be found in amusement parks. Fruits, bears, and shapes in different colors attract the curious eyes of children. They can manipulate these gambling games on their own for they are easy to use. It is good to note that gambling is not yet in their heads at the time they are in front of slots, but rather that is purely entertainment. Parental guidance is required when children are to make use of slots.


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#3 Slots are pocket-friendly.

The bet in slot machines ranges from cents to thousands. There are slots where you can have a number of spins or pulls for the price of a dollar. You need not to put a good amount of money to show off since the nature of slots is that it’s a one-player game. It’s only you who know how much you’ll bet.


#4 Slots are gambler-friendly.

It is perceived that the gambling form with the highest pay out among the casino games is the slot machine. The gambler needs only a few cents to bet and the prize that may come out is a fortune. Aside from this, it also gives away free spins and bonus rounds. And there are also slots which release cash.


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#5 Slots are friendly to introvert persons.

It may sound absurd but it’s a Yes. Given that slot machine gaming is a one-player game, it does not require communication to the other player. And this is what an introvert person likes, no too much talking!

Slots are truly friendly in much sense, just like in what are mentioned above. One must have a strong character when s/he engages him/herself into this kind of gambling. Slot machines will give you a ‘taste’ of win which will evoke a sense of victory and jubilation. Like a friend, you must be strong in saying NO once it’s not anymore within your limits.

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Poker is different from online roulette because you can basically not characterize it as gambling. There are other criteria that have a significant influence on the gameplay, such as your game tactics, your position at the poker table, the tactics of other players, the probabilities.

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