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Parents always want their children to be the best that they can be. They tend to be proactive in ensuring that there are no threats around them. Gambling is one thing that a parent would not desire his/her child to get addicted to. They want their children to enter the right age before they make bets on land and/or in casino online real money.

Listed below are 5 manifestations on how can parents tell if their child is into gambling already.

#1 Gadgets are used secretly.

A mother would notice that suddenly her son tends to play gadgets inside his room always. No more scenes of him playing in the living room or in any other places at home. If this is observed, the mother should already be suspicious of what is the child hiding from her eyes. A child tends to make online bets already without the parent knowing it.

#2  Extra budget is requested from the parents.

This is something that would surprise you as a parent if your child will suddenly request for an additional budget. Ask your child right away for the reason of the request. But do not stop there! Observe him as to where is he really spending the money. If the reason is true, well and good. But remember financial freedom would entice a child to gamble.

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#3 Late in coming home.

Are you tired of hearing the reason that school works make your child come home late? If Yes, better check his/her whereabouts. Spy as to what is really keeping your child busy. Be open to the possibility that after school, s/he might be queuing in front of betting sites. Track down as to where s/he will be going when permission is asked. Your child might be asking your permission to go to a law-violator betting site without you knowing it.  Beware!


#4 Pieces of evidence of gambling are seen at home.

Lottery tickets in the pockets, previous online sites on gambling, showing interest in sports betting are little evidence that might tell your child is into gambling already. Clarify with him at once. Educating him regarding gambling is not bad at all. You can save him from being addicted to it once earlier meaningful conversions happened between the two of you. Remember prevention is better than cure.


#5 There is a significant change in his behavior.

Overall, this is the general symptom that a child is already into gambling. Suddenly, your child became another child whom you do not know. His routines, his likes, his temper, his mood, among many other things have changed. Know the roots of this sudden change of behavior. It might not be too late, you can still save your child from the fangs of the gambling industry. Whether we like it or not, eventually a person will enter into gambling at some point of his/her life. But the thing is…gambling is not yet for the teenagers. The right age will come for them to enjoy leisurely. But not yet this time.


Parental guidance is the utmost answer to prevent gambling addiction among teenagers. The role that parents play in the life of their children will dictate not just their child’s future but the future of the country. Saving your child from gambling addition is like saving your country’s future.