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If you are on the Internet, you also want to be sure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. This is especially true for sensitive personal data and account details. After all, you do not want to be surprised and face a financial pile of shit. This caution applies especially if you decide to play in an online casino. The choice of the “right” provider depends very much on how safe the transactions are. Every user, no matter if ‘old hand’ or beginner, should, therefore, work through security questions before the match using a checklist.

The safe way: first inform – then decide!

Who plays online, should use the medium Internet at the same time for his research to the security question. There are several points to consider that can tarnish the supposed fun and enjoyment of a win. This can be, for example, promised and unpaid profit but also bonus conditions to the detriment of the players and a lack of communication with the provider. The providers of online casinos usually attach great importance to fair and transparent conditions for their customers. There is hardly any other industry where a bad reputation gets around so fast. However, as a player, this should not prevent you from accurately recording and reviewing your questions. This is best done by visiting appropriate forums where other users have already made their judgment, and by contacting the vendor directly.

This is what a casino website should look like

Before deciding on an online casino, take the time to look closely at the websites of the potential providers. This can be a valuable decision aid. Check especially the following points:

Licensing and regulation

A license in several countries and in different legal forms speaks for the seriousness of the supplier also in financial matters. An online casino should have the seal of approval of eCOGRA. The nonprofit organization advocates for player interests worldwide while also reviewing vendors’ payout ratios. So it can happen that as a player you get a request to identify yourself. Do not consider this as a nuisance, but as a good sign: If you act as a provider, you care about the safety of your customers.

General Security

You are accustomed by your bank to subject all transactions online to a high-security standard. As a rule, an SSL certificate with an encryption level of up to 256 bits is used for this purpose. You can expect that from a reputable online provider.

Customer Service Options

An online casino should not work as a government agency. So you can expect that the provider will be available to you 24/7 to discuss any open issues, on different channels: telephone and fax should be free of charge, as well as emergency support via email and chat. A special service is a communication in different languages. And how is my money really safe? Check exactly the options for the payment processing of the online casino. There are companies that offer particularly secure platforms. These include, for example, E-Cash and Datacash. Also use electronic purses, the so-called eWallets. These are the most flexible payment methods on the Internet. Leading providers include Neteller and Moneybookers. The process is very simple: You transfer or transfer money via credit card or online banking to eWallet and then transfer the desired amount to your gaming account. An eWallet guarantees transactions in real time. So you can use profits faster for your wishes.

And what else can I do for safety?

Keep your access data as secure as your bank details. Also, make sure that no one other than yourself plays with these credentials. This can quickly lead to quarrels, especially when it comes to the payment of profits.

Following this advice requires a little time – time that you do not have to play. However, it is well spent time for your safety.